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As a little girl, I would spend hours poring over photo albums, captivated by the power of frozen memories. But as I grew older, I realized that capturing those magical moments wasn't just about preserving the past—it was about creating authentic and meaningful connections in a fast-paced world. With my keen eye and passion for freezing emotions in time, I found my calling as a storyteller behind the lens. Through my photography, I help you overcome the struggle of feeling disconnected by creating extraordinary moments that truly reflect who you are.

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Creating Authentic Connections 

Cristie has always had a passion for photography. As a child, she would visit her grandmother's house and spend hours flipping through the photo albums, immersing herself in the memories captured on those pages. She wanted to recreate that feeling of nostalgia and transport people to another place and time with her photography.

In 2014, Cristie got her hands on her first DSLR camera and instantly knew she had found her true calling. She turned her love for photography into a side hustle in 2015, dedicating herself to honing her skills and capturing the essence of her subjects.

In 2017, when Cristie became a stay-at-home mom to her adorable twin boys, she saw an opportunity to dive deeper into the art of photography. She enrolled in marketing, digital photography, and graphic design classes, equipping herself with the tools not only to take stunning photos but also to excel in editing and building her photography business.

After years of specializing in portrait photography, Cristie felt a yearning for something more. In January 2023, she took on a freelance gig with a local magazine and discovered a whole new world of opportunities. Businesses were in need of someone to manage their social media, curate engaging content, and provide valuable marketing advice. It was then that Captured By Cristie LLC, also known as CBC Media Co., was born.

As a versatile photographer, Cristie takes pride in offering a diverse range of portrait services. From professional headshots to lifestyle shoots, from branding imagery to themed sessions, she covers it all. Whether it's weddings, family gatherings, senior portraits, or event coverage, Cristie possesses a remarkable ability to freeze those magical moments in time.

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Philanthropic work

As an experienced photographer, Cristie Clark has made significant contributions to various community events and organizations. She served on the committee and led the photography area for the Madison Street Festival, where she not only captured memorable moments but also mentored 15 students from Sparkman & James Clemens High School, providing them with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience as event photographers.

In addition to her involvement with the Madison Street Festival, Cristie has also generously donated her time and services to the AUM Foundation. Furthermore, she demonstrated her commitment to philanthropy by selflessly donating her $500 winnings from the Alabama Big 10 Mayor's photo contest to Kids To Love, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of underprivileged children.

Cristie's passion for photography extends beyond capturing beautiful images; she actively uses her craft to make a positive impact in her community and support meaningful causes. Her dedication to giving back truly sets her apart as a photographer who not only creates stunning visuals but also uses her talents to make a difference.

To be considered for a collaboration with Cristie and her philanthropic efforts, please fill out the form linked below. By completing the form, you will have the opportunity to be selected for future projects and initiatives aimed at making a positive impact in our community.

Thank you for your interest in joining us on this meaningful journey of giving back!

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